365 Days of Music: Day 305

They say love at first sight is a myth, that it’s more about chemical response and lustful attraction.  After all, how can you genuinely love someone you don’t know a thing about?  And, to an extent, I agree with that notion.  Physical attraction is not enough for love, and never will be.  It’s integral, but definitely not the whole story.

But what if first sight isn’t the first sighting at all?

Allow me to get a little Wiccan on your asses.  I’ve always believed in reincarnation, that we meet certain people because we are meant to find them, again and again.  Whether it’s to get something right with the other spirit, or to simply find the companions that make us whole, I experience far too much deja vu and have far too many moments of strangely intense connection to ignore the notion.

When you cross two people who have zero interest in relationships, and are quite happy to stay out of the dangerous snare of love, and both are immediately drawn to each other, much to their chagrin, how else to explain it?  Discovering you live a block apart?  Just more evidence that fate sometimes has a way of pushing…

And baby:  it’s still my fucking TV, not yours!  😉

Day 305:  Love At First Sight – Kylie Minogue

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