365 Days of Music: Day 286

On Saturday night, I had one of those moments you live for, those little surreal bucket list memories that overwhelm you.

I finally saw Cyndi Lauper live.

You have to understand, and this dates me here:  Cyndi was my very first favourite singer ever.  My parents should have known I would be an interesting child from this, but I digress.  She’s So Unusual was one of the first LPs (again, dating myself) that I loved wholeheartedly, and I still do.  Cyndi is bold, outspoken, genuine and doesn’t stop being herself; these are traits I’ve always tried to make a part of myself.

Standing in a large open field before a concert stage at Toronto’s Pride festivities, watching this woman pluck gently away and tell us that this song almost never made her album, that she’d fought for it, I was so moved…  And now, I present to you the first day of Cyndi Lauper week.  Because Cyndi is a musical icon, and she deserves my respect.  She always has.

Day 286:  Time After Time (live) – Cyndi Lauper

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