365 Days of Music: Day 284

Growing up, a lot of John Mellencamp was played around the house, among the countless other artists who would shape my musical landscape.  I’ve grown up with a love of bluesy guitar thanks to artists like John, but also an appreciation for storytelling in music.  I can’t relate to most of the top 40 drivel out there, because the lyrics simply don’t speak to me.  Sure, I listen to certain songs just because they are silly or fun, but rarely do such songs become out and out favourites.

When music hits deeper, paints a picture that we may or may not want to see, that’s when I become most enthralled.  And this song is an example of perfect storytelling, befitting the day when Americans love their country and celebrate it, for better or for worse.  Because every country is loved for better or for worse;  what matters is we love our homes enough to continue to get better.

Day 284:  Pink House – John Mellencamp

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