365 Days of Music: Day 282

The Tragically Hip is one of the most well-known Canadian bands, at least on our side of the border.  Unfortunately, most of you outside of our happy home have been exposed to bullshit exports like the dreaded Nickelcrap, and we apologize for this.  I blame the Conservatives and Alberta.

What makes The Hip endure, even when they misfire on one of their many albums, is that they always deliver live.  Gord Downie rivals Tori Amos for me, in that he has a propensity to ad-lib and improv throughout a show, sometimes for several minutes.  Most performances of their song Grace, Too feature at least 4-5 minutes of improvisations.  It’s an incredibly high energy show to watch, and commands my respect as a concert junkie.

This song is a staple of their back catalogue, and just a hell of a lot of fun live.  If you want to check out a great concert DVD that spans their work and shows off what they can do, That Night In Toronto is amazing.

Day 282:  Blow At High Dough (live) – The Tragically Hip

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