365 Days of Music: Day 274

Posted late due to G20 – Man, my job was fun last week! *eyeroll*

Track 4 in our twenty songs for the year 2000 brings us to a song that evokes so many memories over the last decade, I could not even begin to outline them in words.

There are songs that feel as if they were written for you, directed at you, as if someone were reaching through the speakers to shake you into consciousness.  Others feel as if they are diary pages, ripped from your life.  This song is both for me.  I both knew and know people to whom I could dedicate this song, and also know they would dedicate it back.

The friendships I formed during the year 2000 that endured are some of the most important to me, some of the most defining.  They are people I would happily die for, without any hesitation.

We all know what it is to drown in our sadness.  We are all scarred.  And it is this primal connection that binds us.

Day 274:  Malibu – Hole

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