365 Days of Music: Day 273

Posted late due to G20 – Man, my job was fun last week! *eyeroll*

Today marks the beginning of the top 5 tracks from the year 2000, and it’s a song that I still find endlessly appealing to this day.

I have a tremendous respect for The Tea Party, and its ‘learn to play all 30 instruments we use’ work ethic.  While things fell off with their final release, Seven Circles, their album Triptych was their strongest, no matter what the Edges of Twilight groupies say.  From start to finish, it was polished Tea Party, the lyrics strongest and the music sonically engaging.

This video is also particularly beautiful.

Day 273:  Heaven Coming Down – The Tea Party

2 thoughts on “365 Days of Music: Day 273

    • Grab their album Triptych or even the greatest hits collection Tangents… They’re amazing, and one of my favourite local groups.


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