365 Days of Music: Day 269

Tara Maclean is an artist who has never been given her proper dues.  Her album Silence was a thing of raw beauty, sheer potential born of a woman with a strong voice and an underlying anger and injustice.  Her 1999 release Passenger was the fruition of experience and talent, and is still one of my top twenty albums of all time, without any hesitation.  From the opening notes of Jericho to the Native-inspired hidden track Shakota, it’s an album of lost love, of love ignored in personal pain, but also of hope for a better tomorrow.

This song is a favourite from Passenger, and is perhaps one of the best break-up/end of relationship songs I have ever heard.  It breaks my heart as it builds to a simple truism, one that captures it all:  “You bent beneath the slightest breeze/You have no leaves….”  As a bonus, it’s a live performance featuring a piece of an interview in which Tara discusses why music matters so much to her, indirectly.

Day 269:  Settling – Tara Maclean

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