365 Days of Music: Day 259

I lucked onto this band due to their opening for one of my favourite artists, finger eleven.  A local indie who derived their name from The Naked Lunch, Clarknova delivered an intense and fun live show, with a fantastic dynamic and great covers (I wish I had a recording of their take on Head Like A Hole by NIN, because it was fabulous).  Their drummer, John “Lordie” Lord, was also a great guy to chat with by email.

Their album Host was a constant that year, with tracks like Bedbugs and Soft Descent receiving my attention on a near daily basis.  But when I think back now, the first song I recall is this track, one of their very best live, and a reworking of the original Stain off the Tribal Stomp disc.

Day 259:  Re-Stain – Clarknova

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