365 Days of Music: Day 258

Day One:  The Millenium Flashback

For the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing 20 tracks that typified my listening habits for the year 2000, as a contrast to my grade nine year (1994-1995).  By this point, my taste in music had become my own, albeit slanted towards music indicative of my own turbulent moods and frustration with life, love and family.  Many artists remained a part of the sonic geography, while many new ones had slipped into the fold, courtesy of new friends from online communities.

For our first track, one of my favourite songs by an artist whose work was not typical of my listening, but his album lived in my player all the same.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the man behind the music, and he is a humble, soft-spoken and gracious soul, and clever.  It is no wonder that he is capable of such moving and subtle works.

Day 258:  Natural Blues – Moby

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