365 Days of Music: Day 256

In my early teens, I spent a lot of time listening to the station that became 102.1 The Edge here in Toronto.  I have a bus driver for my grade seven year to thank for this fortunate instance, and it was what led me to my later taste in music.

As I continued to listen to this station, I became enamoured with a catchy single from a new band from my general area, Rainbow Butt Monkeys.  The guitar riffs and plaintive voice of vocalist Scott Anderson stuck with me, until a few years later, I stood at Edgefest 99 in Molson Park in Barrie, marvelling at what was to become one of my very favourite bands, finger eleven (and I have 28 concerts under my belt to demonstrate that love).

These bands are one and the same.   Just as Alanis added back her last name and dropped the cliched pop sound, the boys of RBM grew wiser, evolved, and continued to play a role in my musical landscape.

Day 256:  Circles – Rainbow Butt Monkeys

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