365 Days of Music: Day 253

At the end of grade eight, I changed schools, changing cities as well.  A very awkward time as it is to change your school, it didn’t help that I had a popular girl arrested on the second day there for uttering death threats.

Very long story.  Very crazy.

One of the things I did for sanity was run back to the safety of vocal music, abandoning band, for those two months.  I didn’t have the best voice, but singing always brought me joy.  The teacher of vocal in this school where I spent two months pretty much let us just play Cds and sing along.  It was kind of amusing.  One of the girls, B, brought in the album Siamese Dream by Smashing Pumpkins, and thus began my switch into grunge and alternative with just one song.

That song grew to be an anthem, something to soothe me through my awkward teen years.  To this day, hearing it brings me down from any anxiety, and grounds me again.  Billy Corgan may misfire a lot in recent years, but in the 90s, he had it.  Boy, did he have it.

Day 253:  Disarm – Smashing Pumpkins

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