365 Days of Music: Day 249

One of my favourite albums of all time, even to this day, is Moist’s Silver, their breakthrough release from 1994.  It quickly defined what we would come to expect from the group:  David Usher’s softly moody and often dark lyrics; a delicious blend of standard 90s alternative with keyboards that added a new dimension; and the sporadic use of bluesy horns to accent tracks.

In fact, my second concert sans parentals was seeing Moist (with openers Crash Vegas and Treble Charger).  It was a free gig, too, which was even better.

This entire album haunts me, even now, but this track is one that stood out for me in grade nine.  It was that song that drifted through the room in the middle of the night, a sordid, sad lullaby.  I strongly recommend the entire thing.

Spread a dream with gasoline
Just one match, could be so easy
Splatterings of you along the way
I said I’m fine
Work the line, punch the clock
It never meant that much
Wake up, wake up – it’s here again
On a whim, stole a car
Heard the shot ring out – it seems so far away
Into everything…

Day 249:  Into Everything – Moist

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