365 Days of Music: Day 247

I remember this bitchy popular girl in my high school, with a vendetta for reasons not really know, loved to both insult and threaten me, then spread rumours about me.  My favourite rumour, which persisted for the entirety of my high school career, was that I had sex in the stairwells of my apartment building (amusingly, her building as well) with many guys.  I found this hilarious both because she herself had been busted there giving a hand job, and because she loved to tell me to my face that I was fat and no guy wanted me.

Ah, contradictions!  Too difficult for the girl flunking school from skipping daily to follow.

There was no truth to the rumour, of course.  When a newer student asked me in grade 10 if it was true, I laughed and told her to go back to the source and tell her I was bored now, and to start a new rumour to amuse me.  She then started to back off a bit.

And even if I was taking boyfriends into that stairwell after all to escape parental eyes, so what?  My life is my business, right?

What’s the matter with your life?  Why you gotta mess with mine?

Day 247:  None Of Your Business – Salt N Pepa

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