365 Days of Music: Day 239

Summer Songs 2010, 3/7

I once almost saw this band play live, at Edgefest ’99 in Molson Park in Barrie.  They were slated with a twenty minute set on second stage, and I strolled over because I was waiting for finger eleven to come blow me away.  Now, technical difficulties happen to a lot of artists, so when the set was delayed due to equipment issues, I could be forgiving.  When the crowd started booing because they were ten minutes into their slot and still no closer, it was harsh but so is the nature of a festival.

To flip off an unhappy crowd while barely putting an effort into fixing your shit is a HUGE mistake.

Needless to say, they were pelted with water bottles and never did play.  I’m pretty sure their career died a one-hit wonder death as well.  But what a great, summery song it is.

Day 239:  Steal My Sunshine – Len

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