365 Days of Music: Day 238

Summer Songs 2010, 2/7

This song’s been haunting me since last year, in a good way, and I don’t anticipate its ethereal presence will fade before the end of summer.  It pulses, brimming with enthusiasm, and even references ‘Here Comes The Sun’.  If this isn’t a summer mix track, I don’t know what is.

Day 238:  Gimme Sympathy – Metric

2 thoughts on “365 Days of Music: Day 238

  1. Hi, we love your blog(: Especially what was expressed two years ago:

    “My current boyfriend and I have a song, but it is one with significance: it was part of a playlist we listened to when we finally kissed and became inseparable. For once, my song was not agonized over, bargained for or selected based on a top twenty countdown. It means something to us, and symbolizes all we have so far and all I look forward to. It is the personal ringtone that plays when he calls, and the first few notes bring a smile to my face without fail. But even if things fall apart, the song will still be beautiful and it will join the others in a playlist of memories of lessons learned and moved forward from”

    We’re not sure if you’re still with the boyfriend mentioned, but we hope we can quote you on our blog (www.thatsos.wordpress.com), and we hope too that you could contribute your song(: Let us know(:


    • Thanks so much…

      I broke up with said boyfriend a couple years ago, but I am still able to appreciate the beauty of the song. That song, unmentioned at the time, was You Look So Fine by Garbage.

      Feel free to quote me, and I will definitely try to pull something together for your blog 🙂


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