365 Days of Music: Day 225

TV shows often clue me into great new songs, like this one.  And they say TV just rots our brains and makes teens promiscuous! 😉

Being Erica is one of my favourite shows of recent years, and it saddens me that its two seasons may be all I have.  Erin Karpluk is such a fantastic comedica actress, and the show’s concept is such a fun one, but also emotional:  what if you could relive your regrets, and do them over?  How would you change them?  Would it make it worse?  Would it destroy your life as you know it now?

In season two, a musician character, Kai, performs this song, and it’s such a quirky, atypical love song, I simply have to share it with you.  And, as a bonus, a little taste of a great show.

Day 225:  Alien Like You – The Pigott Brothers

Bonus:  A fun clip from Being Erica, in which she returns to a late 90s university class and forgets her writing assignment…

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