365 Days of Music: Day 224

Due to taking vacation and limited internet, I decided to simply place this project on hiatus, rather than play catch up.  There are no entries from April 22nd-May 4th, for this reason. – A.

The first day back from vacation…  Always exhausting, if only because of desperately trying to find one’s groove again.  I hit my locker and blanked on my combination, even though 2 of the 3 numbers are the same, and 5/6 digits match as well.  I blanked on standards codes we use on the radio for a good two hours.  I couldn’t recall what floors to direct people to for reception offices.

Yup; I definitely shut work out of my skull on my time off.  It was necessary.  I don’t understand people who take vacations but drag their Blackberry with them, checking it constantly.  That’s not a vacation; that’s working away from home.

A pleasant bonus to my trip was the plethora of new MP3s I brought home from visiting a friend…  I’m sure several of them will grace this blog in the coming months for your enjoyment.  New music, like a vacation, always recharges my batteries.

Honey, I’m home; let’s sing.  Amazing cover from an amazing and sadly cancelled show.

Day 224: In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins) – Full Blown Rose

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