365 Days of Music: Day 223

Tonight, I went with my boyfriend to see his favourite band, Amon Amarth, a band whose music is classified as Viking Metal.  No, I didn’t know that the genre existed myself until meeting him.

I listen to a lot of music, spanning many genres, but I generally can’t tolerate ‘growly’ metal in large quantities.  I, as a writer, am passionate about lyrics; when I can’t make out 90% of what you are ‘singing’, it’s really hard for me to get into your music.  That said, of all such metal, Amon Amarth is the most likable of his collection, and I give them serious props for the pagan overtones.

Opening for them tonight was this day’s band, Eluveitie, a Viking Folk Metal band from Switzerland.  I was really getting into them by the end of their set, mainly because it seemed so utterly absurd, it was perfect.  Remember the third class level Celtic party that Jack takes Rose to in Titanic?  Familiar at all with Lord of the Dance?  Imagine a metal band crashing the scene and jamming along, and you begin to picture Eluveitie. And somehow, it works out well, adding a lush atmosphere to the lyrical content.

Day 223:  Of Fire, Wind and Wisdom – Eluveitie

Bonus:  Cry of the Black Birds – Amon Amarth

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