365 Days of Music: Day 216

One of Glee’s strongest episodes this season is the Artie-centric Wheels, the 9th episode of the season.  In it, the show examines Artie’s sense of always being on the outside just a bit, even within the accepting environment of the Glee club.  This cover is ridiculously well chosen, and the jazz showtune feel of the rendition by Kevin is a fun new take on an old classic.

The episode always makes me choke up a bit, both when Artie and Tina have their final conversation over Artie’s reality and the subplot of Kurt and his father.  When you add in Sue’s unexpected actions, it’s such a strong episode that, for me, it sets one of the bars for the entire series in terms of more serious scripts.

Day 216:  Dancing With Myself – Billy Idol

Glee Version, performed by Kevin McHale

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Somebody To Love – Queen (Day 215)

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