365 Days of Music: Day 210

There are certain songs I obsess over that would surprise many, given the general leanings of my music collection.  While it’s true that there is a distinct love of piano-driven music apparent in my iTunes, I’m pretty sure most wouldn’t guess off the top of their heads that this song is one of my favourites of all time.

I can’t quite describe why this is so.  I love the listing element here (Memo to Tori Amos:  this is way more interesting than naming off the plants in your destroyed garden. Fact.) and maybe the specific progression of eras that trickles through the verses, subtle in places and damning in others, appeals to my sense of wordplay.  Or maybe it’s the general message screaming through the chorus, that sense of utter exasperation and desperate need to try, no matter how futile it might be.  Maybe it’s still relevant because the last verse still fits, even though it is meant to describe the 90s…

Maybe it’s great because it’s true:  we didn’t start the fire.  But all we can do now is try to fight it.

Day 210:  We Didn’t Start The Fire – Billy Joel

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