365 Days of Music: Day 208

The hatred that some people justify in the name of ‘Christian’ morals (I add the quotes because there are plenty of Christians who are equally pissed right now, I am certain) astounds me and sickens me.  And yet, why should it shock me, on the heels of yet another Vatican sex scandal?  Why am I surprised?  And perhaps, deep down, I’m not surprised at the hate.  The stupidity, however, of the school board officials in Fulton county, given the microcope they remain under, does shock me.

For those not following the story of Constance McMillen, a lesbian who fought back when she was told she could not come to her prom with her girlfriend, nor could she wear a tuxedo, the latest news is that, contrary to what the school board assured the court of, they went ahead and planned a fake prom, to which Constance and eight others attended (pretty damningly, two learning disabled students were present, indicating a shunning of all ‘others’) while the rest of the students attended a second prom (labelled as such in their Facebook photo albums, although they’ve backtracked and claimed it was just a private party they ‘boycotted’ prom for, due to the media frenzy).  Lovely.  Way to keep it classy, folks.  I hope the ACLU keeps on damning you all.

For more information, this blog and this blog (scroll to comments to see a student who attended the private shindig attempt to justify it) do a good job of conveying what happened.  In the meantime, Constance can hold her head high, as people support her in her brave stance for equality.  For her, a little anthem:

Day 208:  Hate On Me – Jill Scott

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