365 days of Music: Day 204

I flip through the photos in the weathered albums, remembering the days captured within the stillframes, almost a decade removed from today.  I gaze at my smile, reminded of how rare it was for me to feel joy in those years.  Music was one of the few reasons I found to be happy, and these concert photos are the testament to what saved me from sinking completely beneath the surface of whirling waters. 

I held so many secrets deep within my heart in those days.  I could not, dared not speak the truths to anyone, aside from a few confidants.  I still hold so many things tight in my mind, too feral and raw to articulate.  I’ve fooled them all, and I still do. 

One more day to drop the ball… One more day to fade away…

Day 204:  Tip – Finger Eleven

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