365 Days of Music: Day 199

The chill and the water soaks me through as I try to make sense of how my life endlessly circles in this now monotonous fashion.  Up then down, up then down further.  A spiral that I can’t seem to shake.  A whirlpool I can’t seem to swim against.  There’s a lesson here, but I’d rather it be in a book then in this miserable cloud that lingers over my head.

It’s raining again…

Nothing here but nothing less
Cold heart is stuck in this
Couldn’t say the kindest words we knew

Everything I tried to say but
no one listens anyway
I had to give up all that I knew

Oh, and it’s raining again
Loud on your car like bullets on tin.
Oh, and its raining again
Open the door and pulling me in

Day 199:  Raining Again – Moby

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