365 Days of Music: Day 185

For the seventh and final day of covers week, I’m throwing out one of my and my dad’s favourite tracks, which, interestingly enough, I only just realized was a cover in the last year.  Perhaps it’s because Blind Melon is so bluesy in their own right, I was sold on this being a song they could have written.  Even more intriguing to me is the fact that most attribute this to Steppenwolf (they of ‘Born to Be Wild’ fame), when in actual fact, the original artist is Hoyt Axton, a man behind some classic tracks who is invisible, mainly because the bigger artists often recorded it first.

Hoyt’s story is pretty tragic; read it yourself at Wikipedia.  In light of the tragic death of frontman Shannon Hoon, Blind Melon taking this song on is sort of surreal.  The first verse is entirely altered in this version, but it works incredibly well for me.

Day185:  The Pusher (Hoyt Axton) – Blind Melon

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