365 Days of Music: Day 183

My beloved coworker of musical awesome lent me four discs of covers recently, part of a collection called La Musique de Paris Derniere.  While some of them are just downright scary, some are absolutely fantastic, and others are just so different, you have to give credit where it’s due.  This would be one of those latter cases.

The Scissor Sisters have stripped this track down, giving it a drunken lounge-y feel, reminding me of a college guy who’s just been shot down by the babe he’s been eyeing in calculus for weeks drowning his sorrows in beer and bad karaoke.  This makes it sound rather awful, but it’s actually not – this frat boy actually has a decent garage band.  Very different take on a very popular single.

Day 183:  Take Me Out (Franz Ferdinand) – The Scissor Sisters

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