365 Days of Music: Day 180

Whether you think Michael Jackson was a pedophile or just a psychologically messed up man who retreated into childhood’s charms to try and recapture what an abusive father refused him, his influence on pop music and culture cannot be dismissed.  The outpouring after his death last year, the endless tributes, all of it demonstrated that whether you considered him disgraced or degraded unfairly, he was still the King of Pop for many.

One of his most memorable tracks, both for the video and the song itself, is Thriller (a song I featured during the run-up to Halloween).  For today’s cover, I’m going to allow myself a repetition, simply because this version is a prime example of what a great cover can do.  The song moves from a fun, charged dance number into a mournful ballad of strange love, creating a chill down the spine of another kind altogether.  Also, my year of music is sorely lacking the wonderful talent of Imogen Heap.

Prepare to be surprised… in a very good way…

Day 180:  Thriller (Michael Jackson) – Imogen Heap

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