365 Days of Music: Day 178

Every time I decided to branch out of my usual genres, I tend to come back to a select few artists, of which Rihanna is one.

What can I say?  She’s just that bit ballsier than the mainstream peers she competes with.  She, through her very public experiences with Chris Brown, has a very ‘real’ face as a celebrity now.  But I find myself simply hooked by catchy lyrics and melodies, with the bonus of intriguing videos like today’s track.

This is probably my favourite song of Rihanna’s, because of its off the beaten track lyrical content and insane video.  Rihanna downright creeps me the hell out at points, and I am definitely disturbed – in a good way.  There’s also the fact that this song makes me want to cruise down the highway, singing out the window with friends late into the night… There’s something freeing at work beneath the surface, making this a perfect club track.

By the way, Lady Gaga, Rihanna called:  she wants you to stop acting like Bad Romance was original.

Day 178:  Disturbia – Rihanna

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