Debate: Who was on more drugs? (Grunge edition)

For a little fun, let me ask you, dear ones, this question that I myself have been debating today:

Who was more high during their MTV Unplugged special – Layne Staley of Alice In Chains or Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots?

Now, I’m not going to answer this myself in this blog.  Instead, I present the evidence for your viewing, and offer you the chance to vote and discuss.  I know this will be a close race, but someone must be crowned “he who consumed the most drugs” today. And as a bonus, we can revel in amazing music created by people with heavy sorrow – in spite of that burden, even.

I will say one thing:  some argue Layne was on methadone at this point;  I say given he didn’t want to do the show, he took something more to get by.

Contestant #1:  Layne Staley (he would be the blonde upfront)

Exhibit A:  Heaven Beside You

Exhibit B:  Would?

Exhibit C:  Nutshell

Contestant #2:  Scott Weiland (he who rocks in the chair upfront)

Exhibit A:   Plush

Exhibit B:  Big Empty

Exhibit C:  Sex Type Thing

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