365 Days of Music: Day 170

1994 brought with it one of my favourite movies of all time,The Crow.  The tragic story of love rent asunder by violence, vengeance and ultimately, redemption, brought with it one of my favourite movie soundtracks of all time.  Filled with alternative, grunge, hard rock and industrial bands representative of the scene at the time, it’s a disc that plays solid from start to finish.

One of my favourite tracks is this one, by one of our drug-tastic singers of the debate.  There’s something about this track and its soft verses bursting into emphatic chorus that sticks in my mind forever.  Maybe it’s because the lines hit hard upon my heart; I know all too well what her dizzy head is conscience-laden feels like.  Maybe it’s the simple truism conversations kill.  Whatever it is, this song is timeless to me, and a stellar track from a genre of music that changed my teenage mind and soul forever.

Day 170:  Big Empty – Stone Temple Pilots

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