365 Days of Music: Day 157

He had tattoos up and down his arms.  There’s nothing more dangerous than a boy with charm…

12 hour shift.  I don’t mind; Valentine’s Day is the lamest holiday in the entire year.  It’s designed to make you feel like crap, whether you’re single or not.  That said, I can’t deny that coming home to chocolates on my pillow in a loving gesture from the boyfriend in lieu of being able to spend time together (opposite shifts suck) was a sweet (pun intended) finish to my day.

He always surprises me.  For a guy who blares every form of metal music and has piercings galore, who routinely growls, “Satan!” at everyone as his trademark, he is such a soft soul beneath.  Ever thoughtful, always sweet, always surprising me with his gestures, big and small.

He got those lips like sugarcane.  Good things come for boys who wait…

I am his, unwavering.  How could I ever resist?  Why did I ever try, even for a moment, not to fall?

Day 157:  Candyman – Christina Aguilera

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