365 Days of Music: Day 155

Years ago, I received a sampler cassette (am I dating myself?) with a couple of tracks from a forthcoming release by a new artist.  I loved it, then forgot about it, distracted by my mountains of songs and CDs.  Years later, I stumbled onto the cassette and bemoaned my inability to merge the tracks into my iTunes.  I never saw the CD.  I searched indie music comms high and low to no avail.  I forgot, again.

The newest member of my team at work has been trading CDs back and forth with me.  On a whim, he tucked a few discs he thought I might like into the bag and passed it along.  When I withdrew a promotional copy of the album I’d long sought, I almost fell over at the sight of my cosmic gift.

Povi.  I wonder what happened to her?  Her disc is a blend of artsy singer-songwriter cum Feist or Sarah Slean, blended with the trip-hop sensibilities of Portishead.  This track, one of the strongest on the disc, has haunted me for years…  Maybe it will be a ghost to you, too.

Day 155:  Hiroshima Sweet Eyes – Povi

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