365 Days of Music: Day 154

Classic films… what are yours?   What films would you love to see on a big screen tonight?

One of mine happened to be one of the films I caught as part of a Digital Film Festival, a week of old films brought back to the big screen for five bucks a seat.  Die Hard, The Wizard of Oz, The Shining, Ghostbusters….  What a goddamn fantastic idea!

On closing night, the boyfriend and I caught two flicks:  Star Trek 2 – The Wrath of Khan (one of his faves) and The Matrix (pwnage!).  How can you not love The Matrix?  How can you not love it in a huge theatre with popcorn and candy on your lap?  YESSSS….  And for the music buff in me, the soundtrack kicked ass.  Today’s track is but one of the tasty treats…

Day 154:  Wake Up – Rage Against The Machine

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