365 Days of Music: Day 151

Anyone who’s spoken to me for more than five minutes knows that my favourite movie of all time is Empire Records.  From the age of 15, when I first saw the copy bootlegged from PPV that the cool couple I baby-sat for hooked me up with, the movie has been a comfortable, safe place to sink inside.

It has everything”  romance, relationships failure, mental illness, sticking it to the man, dark humour and music.  Good music.

The day I had today was the sort of day when you just want to walk off the job and quit.  I came in and found my boss had taken my words and ideas and represented them for his own.  I also got ordered to handle an issue I was to merely assist with, then bitched at for not knowing the precise function of 55 keys on a ring, when even the person complaining couldn’t name keys that I could.  From there, chaos and frantic rushing about for hours….  By the time the pace ebbed to the usual flow, I was ready to explode.

But then, I hummed a little music in my head, and just as the staff deflate into joyous air guitar in Empire Records, I found a few laughs in the end.

Damn the man; savour the Empire.

Day 151:  If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It) – AC/DC

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