365 Days of Music: Day 140

In one of my coworkers, I have found a fellow music addict.  We spend hours on shift dissecting music, from the popular to the obscure, teasing apart the deeper meanings.  We’ve begun swapping treasures from our collections now, attempting to appeal to what we know of each other’s preferences.  For his first batch, he sent along a collection of discs by primarily Canadian singer-songwriters, one of which was Sarah Harmer.

Sarah Harmer is yet another in a long line of artists where I keep forgetting to listen to more than the singles.  It’s a shame, because I’m already recalling how much I loved the commercial releases.  This track here was her breakout single, and is infectious in its ability to capture the apathy and disenchantment of my entire generation so readily.  A lullabye for Gen Y…

Day 140:  Basement Apartment – Sarah Harmer

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