365 Days of Music: Day 138

Several years ago, the one and only time I was fortunate enough to see Poe play live, the band Think of England opened.  Winners of the Pantene Pro-Voice competition, the group was fronted by Libbie Schrader (who has since gone solo).  They immediately captivated me, and joined in our chorus of ‘Fuck Atlantic Records’, being as they’d dropped Poe mid-tour.  I have a sampler CD of theirs autographed by a band member with that phrase.

Libbie’s sultry jazz voice and storytelling make her incredibly effective as an artist for me.  But what drew me to her today was the element of fearful waiting in this track.  I may not be waiting for a blood red moon, but I am waiting to know how bad things are after a surprise development of the unwanted kind.

Toss and turn.  Kick off the sheets.  Powerless, until tomorrow.  The what-ifs creep into the mind.  How would I tell my family?  How will I deal?  Am I okay? No answers await underneath the full moon.  No reprieve.


Day 138:  Blood Red Moon – Libbie Schrader

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