365 Days of Music: Day 133

I apologize;  I’m rocking the eighties today.  Haters to the left, where I have duct tape waiting for your mouth. Ha!

Canadians:  know Sass Jordan?  She’s had a pretty decent career musically, has pipes and currently judges on Canadian Idol.  She also used to sing with a group called The Box, which is where I first heard her.  I have no idea what other songs that band sang; I know my mother had their tape, but this was track one and I always stopped there.  But goddamn this track is catchy.  It’s upbeat and bouncy, made for driving down the freeway on the way to the beach.  And considering I have a sixteen hour shift ahead, deluding myself into a mental escape to the beach sounds perfect right about now.

But even within the happy melody, there’s a subtle message of world peace.  That is one of the things that makes the eighties so fantastic to me.  You’re bopping along to cheery melodies and a serious message lays between the lines.

That’s it;  it’s retro week on the blog.  Prepare for five more days of classics.

Day 133:  Closer Together – The Box

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