365 Days of Music: Day 129

Note:  Due to not being online, this and several other back-dated posts were songs chosen by shuffle from my Desert Island playlist.

Pills.  There are too many pills.

This one fixes this problem.  This one corrects that deficiency.  This one is for emergencies.  This one eases physical aches.  So many bottles with so many directions, so many advisories.

Handle with care. Am I more combustible with all of these chemicals coursing my veins?

A tiny white tablet is in my hand.  If I take it, I even the keel.  I also welcome seizures and potentially permanent epilepsy.  Funny, how a pill begets a pill.  Strange how to correct one system, we must destroy another.  It all comes down to physics:  matter simply changes form.  Mania becomes Petit Mal.

Lesser evil?  I cannot decide today.  I swallow the pill.

Day 129:  Medication (acoustic) – Garbage

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