365 Days of Music: Day 128

Note:  Due to not being online, this and several other back-dated posts were songs chosen by shuffle from my Desert Island playlist.

A decade passes.  Memories recede.  Memories fade.  But the body remembers what the mind and heart strive to forget.

It begins as unexplainable tears and creeping paranoia.  Looking over my shoulder on streets that I usually regard as safe.  It evolves into inexplicable fear.  If I’m paying attention I clue in quickly and begin to fortify against the storm.  But sometimes, I miss the real reason behind my strange moods for days.

In one sense, not understanding means I’ve stopped counting days, stopped X’ing the calendar of pain.  But when my body refuses to shake free, I grow agitated and angry.  How long will I be shackled to this ghost?  How long will it rattle my chains and make me dance as if I were a puppet?

When am I finally free of you?

Day 128:  Flinch – Alanis Morisette

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