365 Days of Music: Day 127

Note:  Due to not being online, this and several other back-dated posts were songs chosen by shuffle from my Desert Island playlist.

I have always been fascinated by stars.

There always seemed something safe in the life of a star, in spite of the nature of their existence.  Star remain high above, untouchable, granting wishes to dreamers craning their necks to gaze upon the deep indigo of the night sky.  They are tiny rays of light in looming darkness.

On the darkest of days in my life, stars guided me back to the light for another day.

“Now she’s old/She’s been blessed/Take a bow, and confess…”

I grow older, but not always wiser.  But I have learned when to cut my breaks, when to hang on, and when to simply hold and twinkle, unseeing.  I am learning that most people we hold upon the impossibly high pedestal of starlight are no more than brief flashes of light.  Realistic views are more helpful, but they kill the dreamer’s optimism.

Life is but a stage, and us the mere players.  And for every saviour I engage in this pantomime, I discover a flawed actor beneath, and the truth sets in.

“The only thing you’ll ever be is a just a way for me to bleed on this stage…”

Day 127:  Confession – Cold

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