365 Days of Music: Day 117

16 hour shift.  4 hours of sleep.  This does not bode well.

I’m trapped at a concierge desk, very much in the public eye, and to make things more interesting, there is a very important breakfast unfolding for a very important law firm in the lobby this morning.  In the corner stands a trio band, playing instrumental versions of songs old and new, most of them vaguely familiar.  And then, one strikes me immediately, and I smile through my weariness, and sing softly.

“Will true love come my way on this magical day…?”

One of the most covered Brazilian folk songs, Tori Amos brought this song to my attention when she covered it in our own style for, of all things, the Mission Impossible 2 soundtrack.  Gorgeous and languid, then suddenly urgent, she draws you in, as if you were wandering a festival, falling deeper and deeper into the sultry mystery.

But on this sleepy morning, it isn’t sultry; it is, however, warmth, and it fuels me through the festivities with a smile.  Mission accomplished.

Day 117:  Carnival – Tori Amos

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