365 Days of Music: Day 112

Queen…  How can I have such a blog feature and not shine the light on at least one song by this band?

I mean, there’s a hit musical based on their music, for fuck’s sake.  I’d be extremely remiss to skip over this band on that basis alone.  Add in being half British and one of the first songs I ever sang being Radio Ga-Ga, and you know, it’s just kismet, right?

Or my Shaun of the Dead obsession, including the fact my favourite scene is the beating by pool cue to Don’t Stop Me Now?

Or the fact that I shamelessly listened to Too Much Love Will Kill You when emo during a break-up?

Or how one of my best friends in high school was obsessed with Queen and we spent hours singing Show Must Go On together with the stereo?

Or maybe it’s the fact that the band is so well known, that a simple comment of ‘another one bites the dust’ leads to my boyfriend and I bursting into song and digging this video up on YouTube, playing it because you have to once the song’s been brought up?  And hey, another year is about to bite the dust, after all…

Freddie Mercury is an icon.  And Queen will live forever.  They’re also way cooler than the Stones or the Beatles in my books.  So there.

Day 112:  Another One Bites The Dust – Queen

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