365 Days of Music: Day 111

There are some artists known more from being covered than for their own performances.  Bob Dylan is an artist that is covered so frequently, few people in my particular generation know the originals anymore.  Tom Waits, however, is probably the artist most frequently known via covers, hands down.  From Tori Amos to Sarah McLachlan to Rod Stewart and even Scarlett Johansson, people deliver us covers of incredible examples of songwriting – but don’t seek out the main himself.

Growling in a bluesy voice with the edge of the ballsiest death metal singers, Tom calls the world like he sees it, and he’s not exactly impressed.  In recent years, I’ve fallen for his raw voice, and this song is my favourite of the lot, thus far.  Turn it up at 2am, close your eyes, and prepare to let genius fall over you…

Day 111:  Clap Hands – Tom Waits

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