365 Days of Music: Day 109

From my Twitter:  “Mother Mother=Bastard child of The White Stripes and The B52s – if The B52s drank during pregnancy.”

I don’t necessarily mean this in a bad way.  The band has a tight live delivery and has grown in terms of its songwriting from their first disc to the second, in a large way (see:  tediousness of the track Touch Up to today’s selection).  Having seen them three times opening for Matthew Good this month, never mind their mini-set at this year’s CASBY awards, I can say that this Vancouver, B.C. band is poised on the precipice of something larger, if they play their cards right.

That said, even if they flop, they’ve delivered in this track a song of angst that reminds me of that ‘united through moroseness’ feeling that abounded when Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit hit the airwaves.  Catchy as hell, and delicious for a girl battling against the box that day to day life keeps shoving her back into.

Day 109:  Body of Years – Mother Mother

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