365 Days of Music: Day 102

Why do we buy into the rat race so readily?  Why do we accept what other dictate as ‘normal’?  Why are we so afraid to shatter the status quo?

It’s sort of strange that we at once so strictly conform to some ideal called normal, usually that which is familiar to us, and yet, we espouse the saying, ‘familiarity breeds comtempt.’  If we hold suck contempt for things that are far too familiar, then why not shake off the ordinary, the common, and create a new normal?

Because the norms that are sold in commercials, in magazines and in our company picnics and the tired ideals passed on and pushed by families and friends are tired and mostly lies.  We don’t have to have children or marry.  We don’t have to aim to be rich.  We don’t need to work 9-5 or drive a car or wear Abercrombie and Fitch.

It’s okay to rebel against the pressures.  It’s okay to refuse to be the drone bee in the hive.  In fact, it’s better than okay; it’s what we ought to be striving for.

Extraordinary should be the new ordinary.

Day 102:  Rebellion (Lies) – The Arcade Fire

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