365 Days of Music: Day One Hundred

Matthew Good Band, Matt’s original launch into the music scene, fast became known after Apparitions for videos with certain imagery and on-screen jokes, namely videos set in office towers or with people mouthing along to a song they didn’t truly know.  The video for Carmelina, one of their last singles, pulls in every one of these elements into a single video, with creepy comedic effect.  The song is also one of the stronger ones from their final album, The Audio of Being, an album that is patchy and shows the cracks in the band behind the scene (the final single for the disc, Anti-Pop, featured only Matt and a fan who won a contest, the band being kaput).

In light of all of the allegations of torture during interrogation, the video and song seemed a fitting choice in the wind down of this Matt Good week.

Day One Hundred:  Carmelina – Matthew Good Band

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