365 Days of Music: Day Ninety-Seven

Day two of Matthew Good week…

I come back to this song frequently in my life, the simple acoustic guitar and hauntingly sad lyrics pulling me in.  It’s an endless cycle of failure to relate to others that usually ends with me curled up in the dim lights, listening endlessly to music speaking my soul.

“I used to think I’d get over everything, but everything just got over me…”

What a sentiment.  What a bang-on description of my life.  I fall into loops of dwelling on what just doesn’t matter or what should no longer matter, only to find that instead of growing and getting better, I’m treading the same filthy water while people move on, bored and disullusioned.

I try; anyone with the ability to see deep into me would know that I try, and that steps forward have been taken.  But it never seems to be enough to bring the sort of joy I long to bring.  Am I forever imperfect?  Is there a cure for this?  Does it come in a blister pack that’s 70% covered by my benefits plan?

I just don’t know.  But I do know that this song is brilliant.

Day Ninety-Seven:  The Fine Art Of Falling Apart – Matthew Good

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