365 Days of Music: Day Ninety-Five

Years ago, for this day, I burned a mix CD featuring several bands including this one for my little brother as a birthday gift.  Music has always been my favourite gift to give anyone, as my friends well know.  It was a difficult mix to make, as my brother wasn’t big into music of any kind, a concept that flabbergasted me, given our lineage;  my father’s ridiculous number of vinyls, CDs and DVDs attests to where my own obsession began.

This week, with dad in tow, we’re finally seeing a concert together (Matthew Good) and it is long, long overdue.  I remember cursing near the day of his birth, demanding he pick his own birthday, but if he’d ended up coming a day later, I would happily share my day with Dillon (we already share cakes).

Day Ninety-Five: American Psycho – Treble Charger

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