365 Days of Music: Day Ninety-One

Once upon 1994, I took a trip with my grandparents and my cousin Brittny (then a toddler) to Florida.  It was a gift from my beloved Nanny and Poppy, a desire to “take our grandchildren on vacation” that led to a memorable time away and skipping the first two weeks of grade nine.  Ha ha – no hazing for me!

One of the most popular songs on the radio at that time was this track, and my cousin sang along with it the best she could each and every time it played.  It became a little moment of bonding we shared, singing every few hours.  Of course, she sang the chorus as, “loving with your lights shined out,” but that’s fine by me. She still sings today – her own material.

In honour of Britt’s birthday, a tribute.  I can’t wait to see you take a stage, gorgeous.

Day Ninety-One:  Shine – Collective Soul

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