365 Days of Music: Day Eighty

I think I would be severely remiss as a Canadian to not work at least one song by Leonard Cohen into this year of musical selections.  Luckily for me, I have a great love of this particular track, thanks to the film Secretary.

The film delivers on so many levels for me.  In terms of its depiction of self-injury, the film portrays the multifaceted nature of a poorly understood mental illlness, from home life triggers to the actual release felt beyond the borders of initial physical pain.  Maggie Gyllenhaal delivers such a poignant character in Lee Holloway that it’s hard not to love her.  Conversely, James Spader’s Edward Grey demonstrated the conflicted nature of those who indulge in the more taboo kinks of sexuality, and the overwhelming pressure of society to conform to what is ‘normal’.

The S&M/sexual tension sends me into overdrive, the chemistry of these two actors through the proverbial roof each time they are on screen.  I know several people who are more than willing to be bent over a desk by James Spader after seeing this film.

The music is also well chosen, and this classic track is but one example.  Damn, I wish a man would sing this to me.  And the fact Leonard sounds this good at his age just blows my mind.

Day Eighty:  I’m Your Man – Leonard Cohen

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