365 Days of Music: Day Seventy-Nine

I’ve never really jumped aboard the bandwagon for The White Stripes.  As a band itself, I admired their tour of Canada in its entirety, and their generous free shows along the way, even in the isolated territory of Nunavut.  I appreciate that Jack White busts his ass and works hard in multiple bands.  Their music just never felt all that spectacular overall.

This song, however, is pretty infectious, with its bluesy riff and basic drum beat pulsing beneath the surface.  It never fails to work its way into my skull and take residence for a day or few.  I think its simplicity is what makes it work; it doesn’t need anything more.  Jack White may not always wow me, but this track is a classic stroke of genius.

Day Seventy-Nine:  The Hardest Button To Button – The White Stripes

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